NodeJS & Express

Over the past week I've been learning NodeJS and Express. So far I've learnt how to create a fairly simple application whereby I've defined routes and the associated views, added the mongoDB and created table schemes and posted data via forms to it.

My goal is to develop Propakura as a stand alone application. This means I don't want it to be reliant on the WordPress application and its vast array of plugins.
Like Ghost, I want propakura to be simplified and I strongly believe this is the best way to go about doing it.

While it may take a little while longer, this is also a great opportunity for me to learn and develop my JavaScript skills.

I aim to have the basic 'core' functionality done within the next month, which I've defined as;

  • User & Permissions
  • Posting (create, update, delete)
  • Category (create, update, delete)
  • Tags (create, update, delete)
  • Searching (filtering results)

Obviously there are more items within each but the majority of them are pretty similar in terms their DB schema and the routes needed therefore, i'm confidant I'll have the majority of it completed with the next month.

Stay tuned for more development updates and snippets!