Functionality, UX and the distraction of Design

From the outset, I've always developed the functionality around UX. I achieve this by questioning every decision I make, by asking myself, 'is this simple enough?'.

  • Is the upload process simple enough to follow?
  • Am I asking the end user for too much meta data?, can it be streamlined?
  • Is the search functionality simple enough for the end user to find the file(s) they're looking for on the first try?
  • If they cannot, (while I wouldn't say this is a bad thing, as there can be a number of variations of the same file), are the filtering tools simply enough to refine and narrow down the search results?
  • Is the navigation of the application simple enough?

These are just some examples of the questions I've asked myself when making decisions in these areas when developing the WordPress version. This is what I'l be continuing, building upon, refining and strengthening as I develop the core functionality within the stand alone application. However, I mustn't become distracted by perfection, otherwise I'll make no progress and my goal of having the majority of the core completed by the end of the month will not become a reality.

Bonus Content! - Version 6.0.2

This is the latest layout I've been developing based off the original WordPress layout concept. So far there are only two pages;

  • index-loggedOut
  • and index-loggedIn

When the end user isn't logged in, this is what they'll be shown. It is a 'landing page' of sort, with a number of sections typically found on a one-page style landing page like;

  • About Section
  • Statistics Section
  • New Uploads Section
  • Trending Files Section

Index-LoggedOut (far from completed)

If the end user was to successfully register and sign in, this is what they'll be shown. The design has been inspired by app stores from the likes of the Microsoft Store, Apple's App Store as well as eCommerce sites like Amazon and udemy.

Stay tuned for more!