Console Todo List – Arrays

Recently I brought a udemy course for 10£, I’ve been following along and watching the lectures as and when I’ve had time. I’m currently on the Array section and within this section there is a code along to create a simple ‘Todo’ list which logs the output within an array and posts it to the console log.

Array Methods

These are the most commonly used Array methods;

  • Push and Pop – Add/Remove from the end of an array
  • Shift and Unshift – Remove/Add from the start of an array
  • IndexOf – Will find the index of a value within the array
  • Slice – Used to copy parts of an array

A Long Time A Go In A Galaxy Far Far Away…

I stopped playing the Star Wars The Old Republic a few months after it came out back in 2011. I was super hyped about the game and had so much potential therefore didn’t mind purchasing the collectors edition, which looking back was pretty naive as the publisher is EA and should’ve foreseen what type of micro-transaction game they’d turn it in to.

SWTOR went Free to play pretty early on after release (there isn’t many MMO’s left where a subscription can be justified, the most obvious one is World of Warcraft, which instead of decreasing actually increased it!) which usually points towards a failing subscriber base as they cant retain them as the game is performing poorly.

I re-downloaded the client a few days ago just to see if its worth playing again, big mistake,

Hello, World!

Propakura Banner

I’ve had a ‘personal’ web space for some time now, I’ve mostly used it as a place to host personal projects I create in my spare time. I’ve wanted to create my own blog for a long while however, I’ve never had the time or anything interesting to post about!

Last year I started to develop a website where people could easily locate the Pepakura files they wanted. The only problem was, it never truly took off and due to funding I had to put the project on hold. I aim to re-launch the site in the near future but there are features id like to develop but don’t have the knowledge to code the features myself. This got my thinking, ‘Maybe its time I learnt a new language’.

I saw an advertisement on facebook for Udemy having